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AA-K is a thirteen year old Alaskan Company specializing in commercial and government (GSA) furniture. AA-K Business Environments is a full service furniture dealership with corresponding support services including: project management, design procurement, warehousing, delivery, installation, repairs and facility management. AA-K is not an office supply source or office machines store; we are professional furniture and facility specialists.

Project Management

As a client, you will bring your own individual list of needs to a given project. As a company, AA-K is uniquely qualified to coordinate your entire project because of our extensive and multi-faceted industry background. Our staff has industry experience in construction, manufacturing,design and installation; all of which guide our insight into your particular needs. We assure you that products and services are supplied on schedule and in the appropriate sequence.

Design & Space Planning

AA-K is not a design firm, we will work with clients to obtain good design and space planning. If you already have a design or space plan our design consultants will help to make sure your design works as planned with our products. We are available to do take off specifications and product recommendations.

Procurement Services

After your product needs have been determined, AA-K's expert office staff go to work expediting your orders for ease and timeliness during the installation process. If multiple vendors are involved, AA-K will consolidate your purchases and coordinate your freight for the most cost-efficient solution available.


AA-K offers experienced and well-trained warehouse personnel to receive all incoming furniture orders. Our warehouse facilities will accomodate most orders; we will also accomodate drop-shipments to your site. All AA-K shipments are routinely received, inspected and staged for scheduled delivery.


AA-K delivery teams consist of experienced professionals who coordinate the delivery of your goods in AA-K trucks or vans. Our crews are flexible and experienced in handling delivieries under all circumstances.


Systems furniture workstations consist of many separate components. Initial systems installations need to be placed in the hands of experts. Every AA-K installation is supervised "on-site" with factory-trained installers. Casegoods and seating take extra special care and all of our installers are schooled with the appropriate product knowledge. Installations can be scheduled during normal working hours, after hours or on weekends in order to prevent down-time and for your added convenience.

Product Service & Repairs

Our commitment to you does not end with a sale. In addition to the warranties offered by many of our suppliers, AA-K's experienced service technicians are able to correct most "problems" on site.

Facilities Management

The AA-K facilities management program offers you a complete file of drawings and inventory of products purchased. As changes occur, our records are updated. This is especially important for firms who are growing, cutting back, have multiple locations and/or make multiple vendor purchases.

Rental & Leasing Programs

AA-K offers a complete, comptetitive leasing program and a rental program, including a limited rent-to-own service. Depending upon project size and scope, leasing or rental can often provide viable alternatives to a conventional purchase plan.

Customer Training Seminars

Upon request, AA-K will sponsor a customer training seminar or workshop to faniliarize your employees with any newly purchased itmes or reconfigured areas. This service helps create an excitement for change and will help employees understand and enjoy their new enviromnent. These seminars can include both a design and engineering emphasis with hands on demonstrations.

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