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Groupe Lacasse

Lacasse is a manufacturer of high quality, high-tech office furniture that not only looks cutting-edge, but is also functional. Lacasse covers everything from reception areas to executive offices to cabinets. The following is just a small sample of what lacasse has to offer. Also see the seating and casegoods sections of this site for information on their file cabinets and office chairs. For more information, . Or visit Groupe Lacasse on the web.

Very few companies in the world can boast such a varied choice of office furniture, be it chair or system, conference table or filing cabinet… Even fewer are those that guarantee, day after day, such exceptional quality, swift delivery and outstanding value. Groupe LaCasse is among those. LaCasse provides various styles of furniture for many different applications from the executive office to the reception area. The styles are: PanGram, Concept 70, Concept 400E and Concept 2001.

With PanGram, you can define, surround, isolate, and hang to your heart's content! 1" laminate panel with aluminum bas and PVC trim. Also available: Stackable laminate panels, stackable fabric panels, stackable, whiteboard panels, Accent glass panels and other accessories. PamGram can be combined with any of Lacasse's other lines of system furniture to create any layout imaginable.

Concept 70
This executive furniture collection is the flagship of the Lacasse division. Thicker work surfaces, protective trim on all edges, choice of decorative molding, choice of handles, and a record number of components available in every possible color and combination.

Concept 400E
With over 200 components and 21 coordinating colors, Concept 400E is the ultimate designer’s tool! Concept 400E provides extraordinary options for furnishing executive offices, computerized environments or professional home offices.


Concept 2001
Supports + surfaces + storage = work space. These are the parameters of the modern office. Every component, work surface, support, pigeonhole unit, and modesty panel can be ordered in the color of your choice : construct your space in your own image.

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